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DLE Kino 12.0 - ready assembly for movie site 2019

$ 9.7

DLE Kino 12.0 (with modules for movie site)
Finished build for movie site, based on version 12.0. Differences - convenient installer!

With automatic installer from DLE Demo kinosayta data.

Customized extra fields and category list
Pkinopoisk v. 3.3.0 - film search parser is free
Parser-kino - paid parser
CatFace - SEO Category Optimization
Moonserials - serials update module
Ufmoon - module updates movies and TV shows
Moonlight - moonwalk without ads

Requirement: the same as for DLE 12.0, IonCube not lower than 5.3
Miniposter is treated automatically when installed.

Installation procedure on the site:
1. Download archive
2. Unpack
3. Download via FTP
4. Open the site and follow the installation instructions.
(Ignore errors in the absence of miniposter / config and the Default template, cut out too much)

$ 9.7