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The Banner v5.0 2019

$ 27.38

The best script of the kind of banner exchange networks for your site.
Scripts completely in Russian. There is also a detailed and understandable guide for installing, configuring and managing a banner exchange system also in Russian.
On the basis of this software, without special material costs, each person or company will be able to build its powerful banner exchange network. In your own network, you will be able to set those rules and standards that you find more appropriate, since you get a complete set of software, you will be completely independent of anything. In order to create your banner network, you do not need to have absolutely no skills in programming or administering web servers. Everything is done very simply and clearly as a mouse click. If you are the owner of a popular web resource, then, with the help of this software, you can organize advertising space on the pages of your server into a more reliable mechanism that will bring you much more income from your resource.

$ 27.38