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H & K G28 (1 day) VIP 2019

$ 0.41

Game characteristics H & K G28 is absolutely unique. It is radically different from all sniper rifles in our game and has several interesting features. The most important of these will be the presence of its own collimator sight. Now a sniper can be effective not only at a great distance, but also at close range.
ATTENTION!!! This code is intended for activation only on RU servers.

H & K G28 (1 day) VIP 2019

$ 0.41
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After the purchase you get:
PIN code: H & K G28 (1 d.)

By activating the code on the site, you will receive the H & K G28 for one day

Delivery: Electronic pin activation code in text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).
Delivery time: Instant emailing.

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get a promotional code for the next purchase,
Pick up bonus, if any
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Warface is a free multiplayer online shooter developed by the world famous company Crytek.

$ 0.41