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100 % rate by Google Speed PC and mobile version 2019

$ 46.82

100 points on PageSpeed Insights by installing the script, but this is not the acceleration of the site - You buy it in pagespeed Insights.

For those who do not know - this indicator in addition to personal satisfaction is no longer of any use. In theory, according to Google, the indicator affects the ranking, that is, the position in the issue. But so far (and Google said this a few years ago) has not been recorded any case of the influence of this ranking factor on the position in the search.

That is, this indicator is a ranking factor, but not so significant that it should not be taken into account.

So if visually Your site is loaded quickly, but the rate of Google AIDS is bad - this script is what You need!

$ 46.82
Additional information

The script is 100% working on the Wordpress management system, possibly on other sites too. Installation is very simple, any person will understand, the instruction is attached.

$ 46.82