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Notary in the Russian Federation Witte MIEMP Essay 2019

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90 points.
Subject: Legal status of a notary in the Russian Federation
Brief instructions for writing an essay: Essay involves the development of their own position, their own judgments, showing the author's ideas. Summarizing the regulatory material and law enforcement practice will allow to establish trends and identify existing shortcomings and gaps in the current legislation, outline ways to increase its effectiveness, and make appropriate recommendations for further improving the practice of applying this legislation. Writing an essay requires a certain amount of creativity and thinking. The basis for the preparation of the essay are textbooks and study guides on the chosen topic, special scientific publications on the problem under study, as well as articles and monographs. It is necessary to use the list of recommended literature for the course topics. The amount of work done - 5-7 pages of A4. The text of the work must contain references to regulatory legal sources, an indication of the names of scientists who have studied the issue selected for analysis, as well as materials and examples of judicial and arbitration practice. The student chooses one of the suggested essay topics. The choice of a topic suggests the possibility of its concretization in accordance with the interest of the student.

$ 7.82