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Advertising and Public Relations MIEMP VITTE Coursework 2019

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Score 80 points.
Topic: Development of a general concept of advertising and PR campaigns for a state institution.
Introduction 3
Chapter I. Theoretical aspects of the development of the concept of an advertising and PR campaign of a public institution 5
1.1. Place and role of the PR service in government 5
1.2. Features of the development of PR campaign advertising and PR technologies 8
Chapter II PR and advertising technologies of communication support of the Administration of the Vyborg district district of St. Petersburg 13
2.1. Analysis of the PR-activity of the administration of the Vyborg district of the city of St. Petersburg 13
2.2. Analysis of PR-activities to interact with target audiences 16
2.3. Recommendations for improving the PR and advertising technologies in government 18
Conclusion 24
References 26
Appendix 28

$ 7.82