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IGL T-shirt - Region free 2019

$ 1.55

Immediately after payment, you will receive a pin-code from the exclusive NPL Gosu T-shirt!

How to activate the pin code?
1. Start the game.
2. Go to the Store, on the right under your nickname "Activate Pin-Code".
3. Enter the purchased PIN code in the field.
4. Next, go to the Shop -> Inventory, find a T-shirt.

IGL T-shirt - Region free 2019

$ 1.55
Additional information

!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!
Before buying a pin code, start video recording from the screen (the video must contain the moment of purchase of goods, the launch of the game and the activation of the pin code without pauses and editing).
If for some reason the code is already activated by someone, the claims are not accepted without video recording.

$ 1.55