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BLACKHOLE (Steam\Global\Key) 2019

$ 0.92

Genre: Action, Adventure games, Indie
Developer: FiolaSoft Studio
Publisher: 1C Company
Release date: Feb. 28. 2015
Language of game: English

BLACKHOLE is an award-winning hardcore platformer with more than 15 hours of history, a science-fiction comedy with a good storyline and puzzles based on gravity.
When the Ender spacecraft is drawn into a black hole, it seems to the crew that an end has come. Fortunately, the ship falls on the Essence - an unidentified object that looks like a planet. After the accident, the guy who cooks coffee for the entire crew comes to life first - it's you. There is no soul around, and your only ally is Auriel, the sarcastic artificial intelligence of the on-board computer. Together you will have to figure out how to fix a spaceship, save the rest and become heroes of the planet Earth, closing the black hole once and for all. This will not be an easy task, since mysterious caves, lost cities, high mountains and dense forests are full of cunning gravitational puzzles and deadly traps.
Key Features:
More than 90 levels in 6 dimensions to be investigated
Hundreds of secrets to be revealed, and puzzles to be solved
Completely voiced science-fiction comedy with a wonderful soundtrack
Perfect pixel control for the keyboard and gamepad

* Install the Steam client - (if not installed);
* Log into your Steam account or create a new one;
* In the Steam client at the bottom left, find "ADD GAME ..." => "Activate via Steam ...";
* Enter the product key to activate it.

BLACKHOLE (Steam\Global\Key) 2019

$ 0.92