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Promo code Mvideo for 5000 discount from 25000 rubles 2019

$ 18.11

The promotional code gives a discount of 5,000 rubles for a check of 25,000 rubles (there may be several goods).
It is valid only when ordering online. (You can pay for the order at the checkout), most importantly arrange online.
Only 1 promo code is used for 1 check. Validity 1 week from the date of purchase.
It does not apply to goods with the word FINAL PRICE, does not add up with a 5% discount for online payment, with coupons and other promotional codes.
Does not affect the stop list.
Does not stack with installments or credit.
If you clicked to pay the order and did not pay - the coupon was applied, you can only restore it via the mvideo hotline.
If in doubt, write to the chat - I will tell you whether it affects your product or not.

$ 18.11
Additional information

Discount on the promotional code applies to all categories of goods sold in M.Video, except:
• Products from the stop list; • Brands: iRobot, Apple, Bork, Jura, Dyson, Miele, Smeg, WMF, Thomas, NTV +;
• Categories of goods "First price";
• Computer accessories group;
• Television and speaker cables;
• Network equipment (modems, adapters, routers, network cards, switches, routers, receivers, repeaters, access points);
• Information storage devices (memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives, internal HDD, USB cases);
• Video games for: Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One;
• Accessories for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One game consoles;
• game steering wheels;
• Nintendo / PS4 / Xbox One game consoles;
• Gift cards of flexible denomination;
• Promotional sets of equipment;
• Insurance services, delivery, installation and configuration of equipment;
• Digital codes;
• Payments through the Rapida system;
• Contracts of Internet and mobile operators;
• Goods purchased on credit for any credit program.

combination of discounts

5% discount when paying online ______________ No
"Best Price Guaranteed" ___________________ No
Bonus rubles ____________________________ No
Recovered discount cards ___________ No
Loan (including installment promotion) __ No
Scratch cards ____________________________ No
Promotional codes _________________________________ No
M. Coupona ___________________________________ No
Flexible Gift Cards _____ Yes
Corporate Gift Cards ________ No
Virtual Gift Certificates ___No

$ 18.11