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Random War Thunder account [50-100 LVL] 2019

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War Thunder (rus. "Thunder of War") - computer multiplayer online game dedicated to combat aircraft, armored vehicles and fleets of the Second World War and the postwar period. The project is developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment, known primarily for its gaming flight simulators for PCs and consoles.

In War Thunder, various game modes are available to players:

Multiuser session battles - battles where two teams of 16 players each fight each other, completing assigned tasks - either destroying ground equipment / bases, or capturing airfields. In addition to completing the task, the battle also ends if all the planes were destroyed in one of the teams and / or all the players left the battle.

Solitary and cooperative missions are battles where the enemy is an AI-controlled technique. The task of the player can be as the destruction of all enemy equipment, and the implementation of special tasks.

Events - a type of fighting, where players are assigned a certain historical event with a fixed choice of technology - only those units that took part in the operation and in real life participate.

Racing - special events occurring on the map Tropical Island. The player will have to compete with 16 other pilots in the high-speed passage of the airway.

All game modes are divided by difficulty into arcade, simulator and realistic.

Arcade mode is the easiest to learn for a novice player and has a minimum skill requirement.
Realistic mode or Realistic battles - mode, whose missions take place in places of real battles of the Second World War and other military conflicts of the mid-twentieth century. In this mode, the aircraft's behavior is close to real.
The simulator mode is similar to Realistic in the selection of locations and the division of players by teams, but it is very different from the absence of markers and a third-person view, only realistic controls and, as a rule, mission duration.

In War Thunder, three types of troops are presented, which can participate together in one battle or separately.

Random War Thunder account [50-100 LVL] 2019

$ 2.17
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Warranty only at the time of sale, you are further responsible for the account.
Claims for invalid accounts are accepted within 10 minutes after purchase in the "Correspondence with the seller."
Each account is guaranteed to be gaming gold, aircraft and tanks were not checked.
Every 5th customer receives as a gift one account, for this you need to write to the seller after the purchase.

$ 2.17