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GTA 5 / Grand Theft Auto V / Social Club +Warranty 2019

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In GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer, all the same actions are available as in the main game: armed robbery, missions, thefts, raid on a secret gangster refuge, hijacked armored vehicles, races, as well as games of tennis, golf, base jumping and much another.

After payment you get access to the Social Club account. On all accounts, you can change the mail and password. The function of cheating on a nickname may not be available (very rarely).

Games on account:
Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

In addition to GTA 5, other paid games are often found on the account, the balance in the game is possible - this is an additional bonus from us.

1) Follow the link;
2) Enter the purchased data;
3) Go to the settings;
4) Change the mail password.

By purchasing this product, you can get a Origin account with a random paid game for free! To do this, leave a positive review of the form: "I want a gift", after which within 72 hours we will write in the correspondence with the seller data from the account.

$ 0.02
Additional information

• Attempts to cheat will be recorded and reported to the administration. All disputes will be resolved only if the buyer provides a video of the purchase of goods.
• Warranty does not apply to accounts. If you have successfully logged in to your account, it is no longer subject to exchange/return.
• In case of force majeure situations with the account (refund, theft, restrictions on purchase/exchange, etc.), you have no claims against us.
• All problems are considered only in cases of discrepancy of the description of this goods. In all other cases, the seller and the buyer solves the problem only through the administrator of the trading platform.

$ 0.02