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Apex Legends AFK Farm Bot 2019

$ 3.28

It is enough to install in the desired directory, and run and the bot itself will do all the work on stuffing boxes and level.
1) Open the game at 1280x720.
2) Playing in windowed mode.
3) Unzip the bot to the C: \ drive directory (What would happen is C: \ ApexBot \ ApexBot) password 1322
4) Run the bot as administrator and click on the window with the game.
5) The bot DOES NOT WORK IN THE BACKGROUND MODE (I will correct it later)
Use in those cases if there is a desire to leave the bot at night.
There is no interface, it just works while you sleep without reporting.
6) With a great desire to farm 24 \ 7 it is worth doing on the Chinese server.
How to go there is painted here.
Because of the small functionality, the price of the bot is 200 rubles for always.
For any questions go here
There will be further support of the bot as I use it myself and there is a desire to bring it to a convenient level. It will be updated automatically.

$ 3.28