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The Cycle Alpha Key [Region Free] Epic Games 2019

$ 0.47

This key gives access to the closed alpha, and then the beta test of The Cycle game in the Epic Games store 28-31 march.
Activation only in the store Epic Games.
Before buying a pin code, start recording video from the screen (the video should contain the moment of buying the goods, starting the game and activating the pin code without pausing and editing). If for some reason the code is already activated by someone, no video will be accepted.

The Cycle Alpha Key [Region Free] Epic Games 2019

$ 0.47
Additional information

- Download the Epic Games launcher by visiting the Epic Games store and clicking “Get Epic Games” in the upper right corner.
- Create an Epic Games account.
- Click your username in the bottom left corner to open the menu, then select "Redeem Code".
- Enter your The Cycle redemption code.
- Go to your library, then install The Cycle.

$ 0.47