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Base adult site (1.6kk p.) + Gift adult-key9,7kk! 2019

$ 27.36

Data 1650000 pages
You get an archive with a text file (.txt). It contains the following data: the name of the video (at the time of the page parsing), the iframe code to insert the video onto your website, the video tags (if available on the website at the time of parsing), the actors from the video (if available on the website at the time of parsing).

Data one page on a separate line. You can see an example of the lines here

The language in the names is mainly English.
Relevance data at the beginning of 2019.

Base adult site (1.6kk p.) + Gift adult-key9,7kk! 2019

$ 27.36
Additional information

With this base you can easily raise your adult sites. If you automate the translation of titles, you can make sites for certain countries. Also, no one bothers you to change the names to unique ones, because the iframe code is the main thing in this database.

With proper use of this base, you will repeatedly pay for its cost.

04/01/2019 Update the Base.
Added links to thumbnails (thumbnails) of the video.
Now the structure of the data line is as follows:
{name: [# Video name #], iframe: [# Embed code into your site #], tags: [Video tags (if available)], actor: [Pornstar (if available)], img: ["Link on the thumbnail to the video "]}

By purchasing the database you confirm that you have carefully read the description and you are satisfied with the structure of the database, an example of which can be seen here

For the positive feedback on the product, as a gift a gift card and the English base of adult keys (9.7 million search queries) !!! To do this, indicate in the recall "I want a gift!" And the archive with the keys will be sent to you by mail.

Any questions? Write to chat. All the best!

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$ 27.36