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Creating and making money on TELEGRAM TABLES 2019

$ 39.07

I present to your attention a course of creating Chat Bots in Telegrams and further earning money on them. Course from A to Z.
This course was designed specifically for the average user, it allows you to learn how to create high-quality chatbots without the knowledge of programming languages.

What is interesting about our course?
1. Easy and affordable learning of seemingly extremely difficult things.
2. Quick start. In a week you will be able to sell your skills and earn from 5 to 50 thousand for one bot.
3. Detailed description of where and how to find a customer.
4. A detailed description of how you can earn yourself on chat bots offline.
5. You get several ready-to-work bot templates on which to base your business.

Two dozen people have already completed training in our course, and all of them are successfully moving in this direction, earning both turnkey bots and attracting customers through their bots.

This course can be useful for both schoolchildren and adults, and both can learn and do everything according to the instructions.

To work with the course you need a computer, Internet, Telegram.
All the software you need is listed in the training, along with links.

What is included in this course.
1. Templates for learning and building bots.
2. Technical guidance.
3. Manual.
4. Cases of sales, presentations, and other materials, commercial offer.
5. Video lessons
6. Promotional materials.

$ 39.07