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Unique visitors in group (Vkontake) 2019

$ 0.37

For 23.99 rub you will receive more than 1000 unique visitors to your group \ VKontakte community.
With the help of this service, gradually your VKontakte group will be able to rise higher in the search right up to the first place.
This is the easiest and most affordable way of promotion, which does not require you to spend a lot of money and fear for writing off and banning a group / community.

You probably noticed that in the search for VKontakte, some groups with a small number of participants are in high positions. How does this work out?
The secret is very simple - the number of unique visitors per day affects the position of the group in the search.
You can use the service an unlimited number of times - preferably every day. Regular customers pleasant bonuses and discounts!
With our help, you will significantly increase the influx of customers. After a few weeks you will notice that the group is gradually rising in the search.
We have been working for many years in the niche of promotion and advancement, so a positive result is guaranteed!
Order will be executed during the day.

After payment you will receive a form in which you will need to enter:
Link to your VKontakte group
Your Telegram (Optional)
We will also contact you by e-mail address through which the payment passed.
After receiving this data, we proceed to work.

Unique visitors in group  (Vkontake) 2019

Unique visitors in group  (Vkontake) 2019

$ 0.37