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Portal Steam account (Free Region) 2019

$ 0.31

After purchase, you are guaranteed to get an account with the game you bought!

Buying this product you get an account in the form:
1) "Mailbox: Password from mail: Login steam account";
2) Also, accounts can be sold in the form of Login: Password from the Steam account;
3) All accounts without VAC blocking;
4) All accounts are 100% attached mail;
5) Often come across accounts with a large number of games in the steam on past the game of this game.
6) Before selling, all accounts are repeatedly verified.

Portal Steam account (Free Region) 2019

$ 0.31
Additional information

Account guarantees do not apply. If you have successfully logged into your account, it is no longer subject to exchange / return.

Go to the mail.
• Follow this link:;
• Press the button I do not remember the name or login of your Steam account;
• Follow recovery directions;
• A message will be sent to the post office, with which you can change the password on the account;
• Tie a cell phone using your personal account when you sign in;
• Change the password and security question on the account;
• Link your phone and email to your account.
• Turn on Steam Guard.
• Delete all letters from the old mail.

$ 0.31