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Mafia 1 (Steam GIFT RU/CIS) RARE TRADABLE 2019

$ 257.96

This gift can be exchanged!

A rare gift that can be put in inventory and exchanged.

1930 After a chance meeting with representatives of the mafia, Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver, besides his own will, became embroiled in the world of organized crime. And although at first it was not easy for him to get along with the Salieri mafia family, very soon the advantages of the new position became too obvious to ignore. The higher he moves up the career ladder, the more his income grows, but each new job turns out to be dirtier than the previous one. Tommy can earn the respect of the entire Salieri family and become a real thief in law, but this title will force him to seriously rethink the loyalty of the chosen path.

$ 257.96
Additional information

1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Enter the LINK received after the purchase into the browser to go
3. Log in to the site
4. Take a gift
5. Select - add it to your INVENTORY or to your LIBRARY.
6. Leave feedback

$ 257.96