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The program of production control of agrofirms (SEC) 2019

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A sample (in Word format) was compiled in 2018. The production control program (agrofirm) of about 55 pages and 30 pages of the laboratory control program. More than 40 professions (cattle breeding, pig breeding, RMM, administration, garage, bakery, sausage shop, grain store, workers). Program sections: passport details; list of officially published ND; functions of responsible persons for production control; objects of production control in respect of which the organization of laboratory research and testing is necessary (including in relation to: premises, chemical and physical biological factors, products of a public catering enterprise, technological processes, products, water supply, environmental protection); list of employees subject to medical examinations and vaccinations; sanitization; sanitary standards for milk processing; measures providing for the justification of safety for humans and the environment of products and their production technology, safety criteria ..; map of control critical points of the technological process at the enterprise; list of forms of accounting and reporting on issues related to the implementation of production control; list of possible emergency situations; measures necessary for the implementation of effective control over the observance of sanitary regulations and hygienic standards ...; laboratory control program;
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$ 7.5