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Template theme design for freelance exchange on cotonti 2019

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We offer our customers a convenient site template that allows you to quickly and efficiently draw up an exchange of articles for freelance.
Thanks to the exchange service, you can directly order a thesis, dissertation, practice report, coursework, etc. from the author. At the same time you will be guaranteed high quality and reasonable price.

In the store you can sell or buy work.

Template theme design for freelance exchange on cotonti 2019

$ 15.64
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An intuitive interface will make working with the template as simple and accessible as possible.

the main

Here you can find out information about the exchange itself, see the list of the best authors and contact them. Also on this page can send a request for the cost of a certain work, filling out a convenient form. Here you can also be provided with contact information in the page bar - phone number and e-mail.
Below are the options for tasks performed with a brief description of the conditions for execution. Clicking on one of them will take you to the corresponding section of the site.
Toward the end of the page are three blocks with the latest comments, the latest topics on the forum and the finished work.


Going to the “Projects” page, you can familiarize yourself with all the options for work that are currently being requested. It will also indicate the terms of reference for each project, which greatly simplifies the understanding of the task. The right side indicates:
• Budget,
• Project category,
• Location of the customer,
• Date of publication of the project.

Here you can find similar projects with immediately specified prices. This will allow to orient in the offers and choose the most attractive one.

The authors

Here you can search by the name of the author, and by his location. You have the opportunity to choose a country, region and region. Below the search is a list of authors with the highest rating and small comments about their services.
On the right side of the screen is the “Authors” block, where you can select an artist based on the type of work.

Under the block there are also TOP authors for articles.


The page is identical to the “Authors” page, in its content, however, here you can already contact the employer by making a request for the issue of a work that suits you. It also has a convenient search and sections on the subject of tasks.

Finished work (Store)

Freelance Exchange on this page offers the placement of ready-made articles that can be purchased by the client.
There are two active buttons to add a project and sell the work for the relevant clients.

Add project - the form for drawing up the task and conditions for the project. The rest of the page is identical to the page Sell the job. Here you can register yourself as a new customer.

Sell ​​the work - when you click on this button, you will open a convenient form to fill out. Here you can specify the category, location and other data. The text is placed in the work window, where you can immediately make it edited, indicating tags and prices. It is possible to add files of various types. Here you can register yourself as a new author.

Below it is proposed to order various works directly from the author, with an indication of the minimum prices:
• Thesis;
• Course work;
• Test;
• Abstract

Here you can search for a job by specifying its topic or search keywords. Below is a list of recent works and project categories.


A convenient platform for conducting a forum with expanded functionality and simple system of moderation.


Here you can find interesting articles on the subject of the exchange, which will add to your knowledge. Search can be carried out by category or tags. Any article can be commented.

The template is made for all standard plug-ins that include assembly freelance exchange.


Guestprojects - Creating a project without prior authorization "can be purchased on the developer’s website of the freelance exchange"
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$ 15.64