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Template theme design for cotonti 2019

$ 15.68

We present to your attention a template for a freelance exchange, thanks to it, you can greatly simplify a large number of tasks in finding customers and performers. This version of the template is executed in a calm white and blue gamut, emphasizing the seriousness and conservatism of the web resource.

Template theme design for cotonti 2019

$ 15.68
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the main

On the main page you can familiarize yourself with all the information necessary for the visitor, as well as see the main sections in the header of the site. Elements and text blocks are arranged so that the search for the desired task does not take much time. On the left you can see a list of areas for which projects are proposed. The news block is displayed below. In addition, the main page presents top employers and top freelancers, which facilitates the process of selecting a customer or performer and allows you to view information about the user you need.

Projects currently offered are in the appropriate section. They are also displayed on the main page. To simplify the task of selecting a suitable project, specifies the requirements for it, including the timing, cost and other organizational issues. To contact the employer, you need to click on his nickname and send a private message.
The freelance template of the site suggests the possibility of choosing projects by the criterion of interest, and each time the exchange offers a job similar in topic to the one you are viewing.

On this page you can find the right author using the list of suggestions or a convenient search.

This section contains a list of regular customers offering jobs. The structure and functionality of this page are completely similar to the section "Freelancers".

Here the freelance exchange publishes finished works, the acquisition of which is possible immediately, it is only important to find a suitable option on the topic and content. Projects are divided into categories, which simplifies the selection, there is also a search by a number of criteria.

The site template assumes the presence of a built-in forum, characterized by the simplicity of the topic publishing and discussion system. Here you can discuss the existing problems with the work of the freelance exchange, talk about your experience and so on.

Section "Articles" was created to publish useful information that may interest the users of the exchange.

$ 15.68