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Gauntlet (Steam Key) Region Free 2019

$ 1.63

You buy the official key of the game Gauntlet from the company Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Release date - 09/23/2014
Localization - completely in Russian
Regional restrictions - no
Revision - Standard version, does not contain additional content.

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- This key is activated on Steam
- Package may be changed by the publisher without prior notice.

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Meet the completely updated version of the classic multiplayer cooperative game Gauntlet!
You can play with friends in cooperative mode via the Internet or local network.

- New impressions from Gauntlet Classic multiplayer game in which the characters jointly explored the dungeons, now complemented by new amazing features.

- Network cooperative multiplayer game Explore the dungeons at your own peril and risk yourself or play with 4 friends on the same screen in network cooperative mode.
But be careful: in the fight for the first place in the number of murders or the conquered gold, friends can turn against you.

- Four classic characters Meet the four classic characters Gauntlet: warrior, valkyrie, elf and wizard - in a new look and with new unique abilities.

- New abilities You can explore dungeons in search of gold and valuable trophies that will unlock the mystical relics that give their owners new incredible abilities.
But be careful - if used improperly, these abilities can cause irreparable harm to your squad.

- What death is better to die?
Cunning traps, hordes of monsters, brutal bosses, and sometimes your friends will wait for you to get out of the way in the most unexpected and incredible way.

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- Download and install Steam -
- Register Steam Account
- Go to the "Games" and select "Activate via Steam"
- Enter the activation key
- After that, the game will appear in the list and you can download Gauntlet

Gauntlet (Steam Key) Region Free 2019

Gauntlet (Steam Key) Region Free 2019

$ 1.63