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AK-47 macro for rust 2019

$ 2.34


After the purchase, you get macros and video instructions, and if you buy a FULL PACK and a code to drive it on the site and download the latest updates!
Macros work on bloody, x7 mice and also on regular mice using Macros Effects!

$ 2.34
Additional information

Additional Information:
All macros are checked repeatedly, if any macros do not work correctly, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side.

In order not to get a ban on mice other than Bloody and X7, use our QzoreMacro program, it comes immediately with macros!
REMEMBER that playing with third-party software you do not guarantee that you will not get VAC to your account.
A high probability BAN follows programs such as:
1) MacrosEffect
2) Legit Helpers
3) AutoHotkey

We wish you a pleasant game with macros from QzoreTeam

$ 2.34