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FULL PACK macro collection for the game RUST 2019

$ 6.27

FULL PACK macro compilation for rust
In this collection of macros, there are macros for such weapons:

After the purchase, you get macros and video instructions, and if you buy a FULL PACK and a code to drive it on the site and download the latest updates!
Macros work on bloody, x7 mice and also on regular mice using Macros Effects for macros, there are no macros for berdanki and Piton, pawns, the rest is all there!
By purchasing this PACK, you will receive an UPDATE for absolutely FREE!

$ 6.27
Additional information

Additional Information:
All macros are checked repeatedly, if any macros do not work correctly, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side.

In order not to get a ban on mice other than Bloody and X7, use our QzoreMacro program, it comes immediately with macros!
REMEMBER that playing with third-party software you do not guarantee that you will not get VAC to your account.
A high probability BAN follows programs such as:
1) MacrosEffect
2) Legit Helpers
3) AutoHotkey

We wish you a pleasant game with macros from QzoreTeam

$ 6.27