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Songs from the screen. Study Guide for lovers. 2019

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This is another book by Vyacheslav Razumovsky, which contains the best songs from Soviet and post-Soviet films. The training material is presented simply and clearly, based on an unprepared guitarist. The unconditional merit of the author is that he completely threw away the academic seriousness and
speaks with his correspondence student in a clear and accessible language, with a fair amount of humor. Actually, the reader does not feel that he is being taught, although he gets enough knowledge of the theory and technique of playing the guitar. The book is of interest not only for guitarists, but also for all people interested in pop music.

$ 3
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The archive contains the book "Songs from the screen" in 4 popular formats: FB2, EPUB, MOBI and PDF. Also in the archive is present and DOCX, so you can easily convert the book to any other format.

$ 3