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DLC Cities: Skylines: Green Cities (Steam KEY)RU+CIS 2019

$ 1.95

ATTENTION! To access add-on content, you must have Cities: Skylines activated.

Language: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Chinese
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities is a new addition to the urban planning simulator from the studio Colossal Order, which allows you to build more environmentally friendly cities. Supplement adds to the base game 350 new objects, including environmentally friendly buildings, "organic" shops, electric cars and the latest filtration systems of waste production and livelihoods. You can build diversified cities ... or discard compromises and create a fully eco-friendly settlement. Thanks to new in-game services and facilities, as well as changes in noise generation and pollution systems, Chirper can finally breathe (and fly) freely.

History to history, building to building, street to street
- New environmentally friendly buildings, new specialized and alternative service buildings, new unique buildings, parks and electric cars - 350 newest facilities will give your city a unique look.

More specializations, good and different!
- New specialization for all urban areas, as well as the possibility of increasing the level of specialization - for the first time in Cities: Skylines

But what about the scripts? Everything is alright with them!
- 3 new scenarios, 4 new policies and a whole one new monument will make your friends go green with envy.

Why did the birds become even more stylish?
- Because we have added a new hat for the Chipper, of course!

Instructions on how to activate the key on Steam:

1. Download and install Steam register an account on Steam.
2. Click "Add Game - Activate via Steam" and follow the instructions. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.
3. Download and after full installation, start and play

DLC Cities: Skylines: Green Cities (Steam KEY)RU+CIS 2019

$ 1.95