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1K+ hours Account Rust ROW Steam/Global Game 2019

$ 22.99

Rust Steam Account 1k hours
CAUTION After the payment you will immediately receive a username and password for the steam account.
Data from the e-mail is not available, you change it on your own!
How to change email and password:
This game will work worldwide!
This product is a ACCOUNT with the activated game.
You will not recieve the mail associated with this account! You need to add a phone to your account and change the mail to your own.
When you request to change the email a SMS will be sent to your phone with the confirmation code after that you can change password.

1K+ hours Account Rust ROW Steam/Global Game 2019

$ 22.99
Additional information

After payment you will receive a license Steam account.
Complaints buyers regarding incorrect data will be considered only if the buyer will provide the video, which will be sealed with the purchase of goods and try to login on the purchased data. These rules apply to all.

Warning. Seller ashaserv warns: Valve Corporation prohibits any transfer, resell steam-accounts. if disclosure staff Valve, steam account will be either banned or muted. Also, steam-account may be banned or turned off Valve for other reasons, if Valve employees will consider your actions on your account (with account) as violating Steam Subscriber Agreement and / or Privacy Policy steam
Buying this product you agree with this and are aware of all the risks associated with it.
Dear customers - positive feedback from you to raise our rating, thereby increasing our sales and thereby making it possible for you to reduce the prices of our products!

Only login and password. You can change your mail by adding your phone number to your account.
How to change your account email and password
Attention!!! Cases of losing access to the account are not considered if you did not perform these actions!

$ 22.99