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25$ VISA VIRTUAL not 3Ds, 10/19, USA bank, BIN 484224 2019

$ 26

Prepaid card (prepaid), non-replenished, personalized.

Card work in Amazon, Google Pay, 2CheckOut, Aliexpress, Facebook Ads, Namecheap, Deltahost, Linkedin, etc.

When making purchases, use a proxy or VPN with the IP address of the country you specify in the "Address" line.
Specify the address in the format adopted in the United States or European countries, it would be better if you specify the address from the information on the map.
Use English versions of the OS and browser (in which Cookies and Java should be included).

It is recommended to buy a card with a margin of a few dollars (minimum 1) in case of pre-authorization of the card by the service where you use it, possible hidden fees or other surprises. So some online stores can withdraw additional funds - for example, when authorizing a card on the site, some services charge an additional $ 1, consider this when calculating the card balance.

$ 26
Additional information

The card will work only 5 days after its purchase! Please use the card during this time, claims will not be accepted later.

After payment you will immediately receive:

16 digit card number
exp. data cards in MM/YY format
CVC2 (three digit security code) card

Additional Information:

Bank: USA
Self-recharge cards: NO
3D Secure technology (additional secret code for payment): NO
Conversion to any currency: YES (consider the possible bank commission!)
Refund of unspent balance: NO
Bank statement and current balance, at the request of the buyer: YES

Whether this card is friendly with PayPal is unknown. If you buy under PayPal, it is at your own risk.

$ 26