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Honey Badger "Cold" (forevergun) 2019

$ 18.81

Action time: forever.
Unique winter camouflage weapons will allocate the owner among other fighters. The model is equipped with an integrated silencer.
ATTENTION!!! This code is intended for activation only on RU servers.

Honey Badger

$ 18.81
Additional information

After the purchase you get:
Pin for: Honey Badger "Chill"

By activating the code on the site, you will receive Honey Badger "Cold" (forever)

Delivery: Electronic PIN activation code in text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).
Delivery time: Instant emailing.
Game: Warface
1. If you are not yet registered in the game, then go through the registration first.
2. Activate it on the game website:
3. Enter the code in the code field and click "Activate".

$ 18.81