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Saints Row 2 (Steam account) 2019

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Saints Row 2
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Saints Row 2 - represents the action in the fictional city of Stiloter. The main character was able to escape from prison, also freeing his friend, reunited with whom they decide to resume their gang. Unlike the first part, Saints Row 2 does not have games similar to itself, completely new territories, vehicles, diversions and innovations will help to plunge into the pool of the game world. Unlike the predecessor of GTA, with whom I often compare this game, the main character is a difficultly defined person, you have the opportunity to make changes in his appearance, gender, race, at any time of the game process. You will meet with a huge variety of gangs. A huge variety of the combat system - you will be pleased with pleasure. A completely new weapon, techniques and quite an exciting plot - can not leave indifferent even avid game critics.
Street gangs, tons of firearms, chrome-sparkling cars, rolling hip-hop bass, liters of testosterone and adrenaline - all this is carefully mixed in the only correct proportions in the gangsta action movie "Saints Row 2". The streets of the town of Stillwaters are not much different from the real ones: the issues here are solved by gunfights, and the only thing that has value is what people say about you. Ruthless war in which it will be decided: who will be the rightful owner of the stone jungle.

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1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
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3. Go to Steam->SETTINGS->CHANGE CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS.Mail AND change mail to your own.
4. On your mail will receive a letter from steam, which will be a link to confirm the mail-go to it.
5. Go to Steam->SETTINGS->CHANGE PASSWORD OR SECRET QUESTION, select "I want to change password",follow the instructions to change it. Also here you can change the secret question and answer.
6. Go to Steam - >SETTINGS - >manage Steam Guard SETTINGS and enable Steam Guard protection(if you wish)
7. In the Steam window at the top to find the LIBRARY tab, click on it with the mouse - you will see the entire list of activated games on your account. In the title game to click RMB click->install. The installation process (download) takes about 15-50 minutes (depending on your Internet connection speed, as well as the congestion of Steam servers).

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