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The movement stop order for Quik 2019

$ 7.82

Movement of the Quik application stop.
After fulfilling the conditions for automatic movement stop of the application. Removing the old and putting a new one.
In the settings file.txt you need to change the General settings, including the number of the application you want to move. The new values of the stop and profit. The quantity and direction is taken automatically from the original application.

Open source with comments.
The archive additionally has a script autologin.

The movement stop order for Quik 2019

The movement stop order for Quik 2019

$ 7.82
Additional information

The General algorithm of script execution is as follows:
1) check that the application exists, is not removed, is not executed., trading session started.
2) sending a command to remove the stop of the application by number
3) waiting for a transreply response from quik (typical waiting time 0.2 seconds)
4) if successfully removed, setting a new (the number and direction is the same, but you can specify new values for stop and profit.)

At the moment it is possible to track only two stop orders.

$ 7.82