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Legendary [Steam Gift/RU+CIS] 2019

$ 0.56

All creatures mentioned in ancient myths and legends actually exist. They only languished under the lid of Pandora's box for many millennia, waiting in the wings ...

When the thief named Deckard was hired to steal an ancient artifact, he, unwittingly, unleashed a war between people and the living legends.

Griffins reign in heaven, werewolves tear innocent people into bloody chunks, and cities are under siege, while creatures we used to consider to be the fruits of the imagination of our ancestors come to life before our eyes, full of anger and rage for countless millennia spent in imprisonment.

Deckard - the only one who can return the monsters in the box. He will have to cooperate with a secret society in order to have time to save civilization before being torn to pieces by fangs and claws.

The mythical first-person shooter, the events of which unfold in the modern world unprepared for the horrors awaiting him.

Feel yourself inside a magnificent movie: the world is falling apart, while the man and the car lead an epochal battle with the legendary monsters.

Stunning skirmishes in which large-bore weapons confront beaks, fangs and claws.

The dynamic environment is destroyed as you and your opponents destroy all living things around you in an attempt to stay alive.

Destruction of unprecedented scale. Visit the burnt down London and torn apart by supernatural forces New York.

The enemy of your enemy is your enemy! Become a witness and take part in the battles in which you will be confronted by both supernatural monsters and the combat unit of a secret organization, which turned out to be not only an unusually strong opponent, but also suitable prey for the army of mythical creatures.

Take part in online multiplayer battles.

Legendary [Steam Gift/RU+CIS] 2019

$ 0.56