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Twitch Bits (1k bits = 2$) / SALE 2019

$ 2.35

Bits (Cheers) on your Twitch channel!
The service is performed within 24 hours from the moment of payment!

Not relevant for regular users without an affiliate program or Twitch affiliate, this service is relevant for streamers who have an affiliate program or Twitch affiliate and who can exchange Bits (Cheers) for real money!

We will give you the specified number of Bits (Cheers) from our Twitch account to the channel you specified when paying for Twitch!

When paying, specify your nickname on Twitch, so that we know on which channel to donate the selected number of Bits (Cheers)!

When paying, you can choose the number of Bits (Cheers) you need, if you need a very large number of Bits (Cheers), click on the "Ask a Question" button to the left of the item price and write what you want!

Twitch Bits (1k bits = 2$) / SALE 2019

$ 2.35
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