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Human Resource Management. MIEMP Witte Case 2019

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Situation 1
Evgeny is the head of the dental clinic, which has been providing dental treatment and prosthetics services for more than 10 years. During this time, we have managed to build up a large base of regular customers, many of which go to a certain doctor. Recently, one of the best dentists Konstantin addressed Eugene and announced his intention to quit. He explained that he was not satisfied with the work schedule and the level of wages. But the main thing is that he wants to develop professionally, that is, attend practical seminars, lectures, go to specialized forums and exhibitions, work on new equipment, etc. And the management of the clinic does not pay proper attention to staff development. All attempts of Eugene to find out which company Konstantin wants to leave for were in vain. The dismissal of one of the best doctors, threatened with the fact that most of the clients could go to be served in another clinic. But this Eugene could not allow. He turned for help to the head of the human resources department, Valentina, so that she could help him decide what to do in such a situation: try to hold or release the employee?
Questions and tasks: Help Valentina to find a way out of the current situation, that is, offer your solution to the case by answering the following questions:
1. What are some ways you can keep an employee, and in what cases should you not do this?
2. If you let go of the doctor, then how to keep at least some of the clients that he served?
3. If the attempt to retain the employee is successful, then how to avoid blackmail on the part of other employees.
Situation 2
Business profile: a trading holding for the sale of clothing, stores are located in most regions of the country.
Number of staff: 800 people.
Term of work in the market: 20 years.
The head office of the company centrally performs all functions except sales. The store staff consists of sales assistants, cashiers, merchandisers and a manager. Moreover, small area stores formed in the bushes. Merchandisers serve the entire hive at once, working in each store on a schedule. They update windows every month, organize actions, place new collections. Personnel management is carried out from the central office.
Shop managers do not take part in staff recruitment due to workload within the current management. Managers also perform the functions of senior sellers and sales assistants in situations where replacement is required. The personnel management service consists of four recruiters, three personnel officers, one coach and one manager.
Very high costs of the company are associated with regional business trips for recruiters, who every month spend at least weekly interviewing in stores.
The head of the personnel management service has been assigned the task of reducing such costs in any way.
Questions and tasks:
Suggest the most appropriate ways to reduce the cost of recruiting. Argue for the answer.

$ 7.82