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Theory and practice of advertising.Case task MIEMP Witt 2019

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Situation 1 A beauty salon located in a town near Moscow placed its advertisement in the form of a running line on local cable television. Due to the high level of competition, it was decided to focus on advertising on the competitive advantage of the salon - free hand massage. 1) Determine the type of this advertisement for each of the classification signs presented in paragraph 2.4 of this course (attributes: advertiser, type of target audience, concentration on a segment, size of territory, subject of advertisement, strategic goal, types of advertisement depending on the goal). 2) Determine the type of advertising medium for each of the characteristics of the classification presented in paragraph 2.4 of this course (signs: according to the method of influence on the senses, according to the technical sign, to the place of application, according to the nature of the impact on the addressee).
 Situation 2 A small advertising agency offers advertisers a new service - advertising on asphalt in the form of volumetric images. 1) What are three advantages and three disadvantages of advertising on asphalt? 2) An advertising agency intends to place an advertisement for its new service. What type of advertising (TV, radio, outdoor, in press, online advertising) would you recommend to the agency for this purpose and why?
 Situation 3 The Formula Kino company provides the service of watching animated films in the cinema hall. In accordance with the material presented in Chapter 6 of this course:
1) Describe this product across all levels of a three-level product model, including all property groups (including organizational). Give a qualitative description of the Formula Kino brand. 2) List the direct and specific competitors of this product.

$ 7.05