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Power Revolution (Steam RU)✅ 2019

$ 18.94

Fully automatic and fast as possible delivery of Steam games (Steam gift).

 1. When buying, you add the address of the Steam account to which the gift will be delivered. You can get it on the Steam application. Open the game recipient profile. Click the right mouse button on the profile picture and select "Copy Page URL". Or copy from the address bar of the browser. Example: or

2. After the purchase, accept the friend request from the delivery bot and your game. The game can only added to the account, you can not put it in the inventory.

Only for accounts with the region of Russia. You can check at or, on the Steam app, click on your login in the right corner of the screen and select "Account details". Must be "Country: Russian Federation". If your region is different from this, change it before purchasing.

Help and answers to questions can be obtained in the chat with the seller.

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Power  Revolution (Steam RU)✅ 2019

$ 18.94
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Orders are accepted for any games from Steam.

$ 18.94