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Amnesia collection 2019

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You can activate the game in any region.

Description of the Amnesia Collection:
The world is a car! Machine for pigs, intended only for their slaughter. From the creators of the games "Amnesia: The Ghost of the Past" and "Dear Esther", we present the new first-person horror, which will drag you into the depths of greed, power and madness. He will cry into your ribs and devour your heart. In the yard in 1899

Rich industrialist Oswald Mundus wakes up in his bed in feverish delirium, he is haunted by nightmares about a dark, devilish car. After a terrible trip to Mexico, he is tormented by visions of a certain industrial utopia, remorse and tropical fever, and he finds himself in the world of his nightmares. There is silence in the house, and the floor beneath him is unsteady by the will of some hellish car: he only knows that his children are in great danger, and that their salvation is in his hands.

$ 0