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Battle of Dazar'alor 2019

$ 1018.92

🕓 Term of competion: 4+ hours.

Raids are possible on these servers - Alliance: Gordunni, Ravencrest; Horde: Howling Fjord, Twisting nether.
Loot mode - Personal loot.
Getting 415+ (mythic) loot on your class and specialization.
List of bosses - Ma'ra Grimfang, Grong, Pa'ku's Aspect, Frida Ironbellows, High Tinker Mekkatorque, King Rastakhan, Laminaria, Opulence, Lady Jaina Proudmoore.
25 people raid to obtain maximum amount of loot and all specified items.
A large amount of Azerite for your artifact - Heart of Azeroth
Raid in specified time.

🔒 Account rules and requirements:

It is personal loot on default. If you want to go by your own, please, select the "Selfplay" option on the left.
120 character level. Don't have it yet? You may order it here.
No cd on the week when the boost raid starts.
Do not log in your account during the boost.

🔔 We recommend:

Ordering the kill on the next day.
Do not log in your account before and after 24 hours when the work is done.
Do not log in your account, to avoid the intersections over ip and mac addresses.
Do not order something from different online-sites or drivers.

💬 Contact our operators for any details. You can ask them everything.

$ 1018.92