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300 tasks for the game COLOR CODE and analogs 2019

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Hello to all! My name is Alexander Ustinov, I work as a software engineer in one of the IT companies.
Recently bought a puzzle game for his 6-year-old son from the company Bondibon "Color Code".
The son went through all the tasks with great pleasure and wanted more!

The game is so delightful that I myself got carried away with the game, after the child passed all the tasks.
However, the collection of tasks from the box contains only 100 tasks.
I got the idea to do additional tasks and I set to work.

Assignments in the collection are divided into four levels, only 30
0 pieces
The simplest tasks consist of 3 cards, the most difficult of 9 cards.
Both a novice and an experienced player can start playing on this collection.
I would be happy to hear about the collection in the group "Community gamers Color Code" on

All good mood and enjoyable game in COLOR CODE!

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