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XBOX Live Gold 6 months | All countries + Russia 2019

$ 27.35

Card subscription for 6 months XBOX Live Gold is automatically displayed in the browser window and comes to your email immediately after purchase.

!!! Card operation is guaranteed only on Russian accounts (RUS) !!! To activate the VPN is not required.

The code is presented in the form of text for your convenience (not a photo, not an archive, you do not need to download anything).

Turn on automatic renewal and get 1 MONTH FREE. At the end of the subscription period, you can cancel the paid renewal and receive an additional month of using GOLD status for free! An additional free month is given on the initiative of Microsoft themselves, in case there are any problems with its activation - all questions are only to them, from our side no complaints about this will be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

XBOX Live Gold 6 months | All countries + Russia 2019

$ 27.35
Additional information

Code activation:
- Log into your Microsoft account
- Press the silver-green XBOX Guide launch button on the gamepad
- Open the "Games" tab
- Select the "Activate code" command and enter the code
Or you can activate the code on the website

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