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Drawings gearbox aero machine Lifan190 - Lifan192 2019

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Drawings for the independent manufacture of a V-belt reducer of snowmobiles - a design by Andrey Logunov. For engines Lifan190 - Lifan192.
Snowmobile is a type of transport based on the principle of movement in the snow on a sleigh using a propeller (screw). In the development, as the power mechanism used common internal combustion engines Lifan190 (15l.s.) - Lifan192 (17l.s.).
This V-belt gearbox has already proven itself from the positive side of the majority of its owners.
The reducer reduces the load on the engine, eliminates radial runout on the crankshaft, which significantly increases the service life of the engine. Reduction 1 to 2.8. It is also a distinctive feature of this design in the durability of the working cycle and the relative simplicity of manufacture. All parts are worked out and have drawings for manufacturing.
This documentation does not contain the drawings: snowmobiles, Lifan190-Lifan192 motors, propeller and propeller guard.

Drawings gearbox aero machine Lifan190 - Lifan192 2019

Drawings gearbox aero machine Lifan190 - Lifan192 2019

$ 19.54
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In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international legislation of the World Convention on
copyright, this product consists of:
1. Assembly drawing - Reducer for Andrei Logunov's snowmobile, A1 format.  png file;
2. Working drawing - Small pulley (On a Lifan190-Lifan192 internal combustion engine shaft with a diameter of 25mm), A3 format. png file;
3. Assembly drawing - Gear head, A2 format. png file;
4. Assembly drawing - Gear head housing, A3 format. png file;
5. Working drawing - Clip, A4 format. png file;
6. Working drawing - Nozzle, A4 format. png file;
7. Working drawing - Propeller drive shaft, A3 format. png file;
8. Working drawing - Spacer sleeve, A4 format. png file;
9. Working drawing - Centering nut, A4 format. png file;
10. Working drawing - Pinch clamping, A3 format. png file;
11. Working drawing - Flyanets resistant, A3 format. png file;
12. Working drawing - Pulley large, A3 format. png file;
13. Working drawing - Prismatic key, A4 format. png file;
14. Assembly drawing - Gearbox frame with pusher, A2 format. png file;
15. Assembly drawing - Gearbox frame, A1 format. png file;
16. Assembly drawing - Heel tensioner, A4 format. png file;
17. Working drawing - Top bracket, A4 format. png file;
18. Working drawing - Bottom bracket, A4 format. png file;
19. Working drawing - Stand L = 295mm, A3 format. png file;
20. Working drawing - Stand in rack, A4 format. png file;
21. Assembly drawing - Tensioner, A3 format. png file;

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$ 19.54