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Resident Evil Operation RC , Saints Row 3 for Xbox 360 2019

$ 1.37

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City , Saints Row the Third set of two games.
" Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City "
Due to the T-virus, almost all the residents of Raccoon City have died or become zombies. Umbrella does not want its involvement in this to be known. You are a fighter of the special forces of the Ambrella Corporation (VONA) sent to a dying city so that the truth does not surface. The city is full of zombies and bio-organic weapons, but there is a greater threat. The special forces are chasing you, wanting to capture the evidence you are trying to destroy.
    release date: 23.03.2012
    Developer: Slant Six
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Action & Adventure, Shooter
    Multiplayer online: 2 - 8
    Cooperative transmission in the network: 2 - 4
" Saints Row the Third "
The third part of the popular gangster shocking action. After

the destruction of rival gangs and the destruction of the omnipresent corporation

Ultor "Saints" became real kings of the city of Stillwater, bathing in

fame and selling drinks and junk under their brands. Thousands

enthusiastic screaming fans idolized their new idols. But neither

one fairy tale does not last forever. During the next robbery of "Saints"

grabbed. Now they will have to forget about all the glory and chic that

was in Stillwater, and starting from scratch in a new city - Steelport,

which is controlled by gangs belonging to the international

criminal organization "Syndicate" ...
Game features:
Sin City.
Pry out the arms trade, cybercrime and

prostitution. Learn all the secrets of Steelport, where life does not stop any

for a minute.
Weapon of retribution.
It is not enough to defeat the enemy, he must be humiliated. Sex toys may not be

as harmless as they seem.
You need to go crazy together.
Jump naked with a parachute, land in a burning car

your partner and go to a suicide race to meet

brothel "Syndicate".
Station of Initiation.
Create the most ridiculous characters who saw the light, from

disheveled celebrities to bare ninja pirates. Inside each

the sinner is holy.
    Developer: Volition, Inc.
    Publisher: THQ Inc.
    Genre: Action & Adventure, Shooter
    Players without a network: 1
    System connection: 1
    Dolby digital
Internet features
    Cooperative transmission in the network: 1 - 2
    Downloadable content
    Voice chat

Resident Evil Operation RC , Saints Row 3 for Xbox 360 2019

Resident Evil Operation RC , Saints Row 3 for Xbox 360 2019

$ 1.37
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$ 1.37