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Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition | Steam (Russia) 2019

$ 23.94

The Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition, in addition to the game itself, also includes all the DLC's:

● Nuka-World,
● Vault-Tec Workshop,
● Contraptions Workshop,
● Far Harbor,
● Wasteland Workshop
● Automatron

Delivery of the game is carried out in manual mode. Before payment, you must specify a link to your account. We will add your account to friends and deliver a paid game with a gift. You will only accept a gift.

This product can be shipped only if the country of your region is a Steam store RUSSIA (except Crimea).

This product can not be put into inventory, only activated in the library!

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition | Steam (Russia) 2019

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition | Steam (Russia) 2019

$ 23.94
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Q: Where can I get a link to my profile Steam?
A: Follow this link: Copy the link from the address bar. For example: or

Q: How to check the region of your account on Steam?
A: Follow the link: Find the item "Country". Make sure it says "Russia".

About this game:

Bethesda Game Studios, the creator of the most popular games Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, invites you to the world of Fallout 4 - its most grandiose game of the new generation with an open world.

You are the only 111 survivor of the asylum who turned out to be in a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every moment you fight for survival, every decision may be the last. But the fate of the wastelands depends on you. Welcome home.

$ 23.94