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Promokod Yandex.Direct 100/100 Belarusian rubles. 2019

$ 1

Now you can get an additional 100 Belarusian rubles to attract new customers by placing contextual advertising in the Yandex.Direct system.

Validity of the promotional code: until 03/31/2019

Please note that the promotional code cannot be activated:

1. for the domain advertised in Yandex.Direct during the previous 365 days,

2. on the domain of the 3rd level or pages in social networks.

Promokod Yandex.Direct 100/100 Belarusian rubles. 2019

$ 1
Additional information

How to run an advertising campaign and get additional funds:

1. Go to and create your first ad campaign.

2. Choose the keywords for which advertisements should be displayed, write texts, specify the regions and time of impressions and send the ads for review.

3. Create an invoice in the amount of at least 100 Belarusian rubles (excluding VAT) for payment of accommodation. Enter the promotional code in the appropriate field on the payment method selection page.

4. After payment, additional money will be credited to your promotional campaign account on Yandex.Direct through the promotional code.

$ 1