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Promocode (coupon) Yandex Direct for 4500 rubles 2019

$ 1.55

Low price tag on promotional codes due to the fact that we are just starting their sales on the site
OFFICIAL and COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE coupons Yandex.Direct face value 4500 rubles.
After the conditions of activation you will receive a balance of 6000 rubles.
The validity of the promotional code (enter into account) - 01.04.2009 inclusive.
You need to activate the coupon by payment within 30 days after entering into your account.
Additional information

I. step-by-Step instructions:

1. Domain:
1.1. Register / buy a new domain (e.g. domains. jino. ru for 39 RUB or reg .ru for 50 rubles).
1.2. Depending on the hosting you are using, specify the ns records of the hosting.
1.3. On hosting put in the root of the directory site file.htaccess " with content:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} (.*)
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301, L]
where to replace the domain "" on the main domain on which the site is located.
1.4. Wait for ns to be overwritten and make sure that the redirect is working (when you enter a new domain, you should redirect to the primary domain).

2. Yandex.Direct:
2.1.Create a new Yandex account.Direct (Russia).
2.2. In Direct Commander, import the campaign upload and replace the domain with the newly purchased one.
2.3. Wait for the successful completion of the moderation and invoice for 1500 rubles. (1800 with VAT) (Refill->1500->Write an invoice->enter the promotional code in the "promotional Code"->Physical person->Choose a convenient payment method->any Name, phone, mail, checkbox consent->Select->make sure that the bonus is accrued->invoice->Pay). After payment of the balance will immediately become 6000 rubles without VAT.

II. Important information:
1. To credit the bonus (4 500 rubles), you must replenish the account balance within 30 days from the date of activation of the promotional code.
2. On 10 January 2019, you cannot change/add the domain to a different account from the one that activated the code, otherwise the bonus 4 500 RUB cancel.
3. If you want, check out the full conditions of this promotion:
4. UTM-tags, positions in search engines-everything is saved. You can run ads from multiple accounts, if the budget per day more than 6 000 (all the same, it is only recommended to delimit the campaign temporary targeting, or you can take the entire top :)

$ 1.55