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Sleeping Dogs Collection Steam Gift / RoW / Region Free 2019

$ 41.52

Sleeping Dogs Collection 2012. This game is no longer sold on Steam. The original game with all the DLC, was sold on Steam until 2014, until the re-release came out. This exclusive for collectors of remote or rare games.
.Sleeping Dogs Collection 2012 includes:

Sleeping Dogs 2012
Sleeping Dogs: Martial Arts Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Deep Undercover Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Retro Triad Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Top Dog Silver Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Top Dog Gold Pack
Sleeping Dogs: The Red Envelope Pack
Sleeping Dogs: The High Roller Pack
Sleeping Dogs: The SWAT Pack
Sleeping Dogs - Tactical Soldier Pack
Sleeping Dogs - Street Racer Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Screen Legends Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Police Protection Pack
Sleeping Dogs: GSP Pack
Sleeping Dogs - Triad Enforcer Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Drunken Fist Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point
Sleeping Dogs - Year of the Snake
Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament
Sleeping Dogs: Gangland Style Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Ghost Pig
Sleeping Dogs: Square Enix Character Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Movie Masters Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Wheels of Fury
Sleeping Dogs: Monkey King Pack
Sleeping Dogs: Law Enforcer Pack

Sleeping Dogs Collection Steam Gift / RoW / Region Free 2019

Sleeping Dogs Collection Steam Gift / RoW / Region Free 2019

$ 41.52
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4. After activating the game forever associated with your Steam account and you can download it at any place and at any time.

$ 41.52