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FIFA 15 for Xbox 360 2019

$ 1.12

supported Czech, Hungarian, Polish and russkiy.Takogo realistic football in FIFA 15, sports fans have never seen before. Realistic appearance makes players Athletic players and gives them the maximum resemblance to their real prototypes. Control of the players increases the responsiveness movements of players, gives athletes more control over the ball and makes a one on one battle even more exciting.

RELEASE DATE: 22/09/2014


PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts Inc.

Category: Sports and recreation


Players without a net: 1 - 4

Co-op offline: 1 - 4

Dolby Digital

Internet Features

Multiplayer game online: 2 - 22

Co-op online: 2 - 22

Downloadable Content

Lists of leaders

Voice chat

FIFA 15 for Xbox 360 2019

$ 1.12
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$ 1.12