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Crossout - Iron Shield Pack DLC (Steam Gift RU) 2019

$ 46.96

Steam addition to the game Crossout - Iron Shield Pack DLC (Russia region)
After payment you will be redirected to the site where our robot will send you an invitation to friends, accept it and immediately receive this addition as a gift.

- Our robot can send the game if you have a "Russia" in the region of the steam shop.
- This product can not be placed in inventory, you can only activate the account.
- To start the required Steam-version of the game Crossout.
- Delivery is carried out in automatic mode.

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This kit includes:
- Unique armored car: Mark EX.
- Weapon: two frontal machine guns P-23 Defender and epic turret cannon ZIS-34 Fat Man.
- Unique caterpillars: Caterpillar Goliath epic rarity.
- A unique portrait of the hero: Lieutenant Mitchell;
- Spray can with a unique paint: Coloring Solomon;
- Increase the number of parts used up to 55.
- Unique sticker: Dogs of War.
- 3400 in-game coins.

Crossout - Iron Shield Pack DLC (Steam Gift RU) 2019

$ 46.96
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$ 46.96