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Improving WOT account statistics 2019

$ 0.24

WN8 for session 3000 - 4500,
Win rate of 62% and above
Average damage from 2.5k to 5k,

(All the above indicators above are an average.)

$ 0.24
Additional information

Account conditions for the service "Improving statistics":

1. At the time of the order, you do not play on customized equipment until the order is completed.
2. You must have a premium account active.
3. The presence of silver 10 battles = 500,000 silver (approximately).
4. Ability to set / change 3 add. equipment to choose booster.
5. Tank (s) must be in top configuration.
6. The ability to reset the perks of the crew (silver or gold is up to the account holder only).

$ 0.24