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Instagram Reviews from live users NOT BOTS 2019

$ 0.02

Greetings to all: )
STOCK! When ordering this service, you will receive 1000 likes as a gift.
This service can be performed from 0 to 36 hours, mainly depends on the number of reviews. Your order you will receive 100%.
Reviews are written by real people, for a certain reward, the speed of implementation is up to 50 per day.
The ability to place any text of reviews on behalf of hundreds of different users and generate interest and confidence in your publication.
The service is ideal for cheating a large number of comments to hold and display a post in the TOP by hashtags, as well as affecting the display of publications and profiles in blocks of recommendations.
The maximum order is 50 units, at least 5 units, however, if you do not care about the uniqueness of the users who leave them, you can place an order again (there is a chance that users can repeat).
All you need is to specify a link to the desired post where you want to add reviews, and NOT a link to your account.
IMPORTANT! When you write to insert necessary comments into the form, each comment needs to be written from a new line.

IF something is not clear, before making a purchase, write to me in the chat.

ATTENTION! Prohibited materials: overestimated, unsubstantiated promises (earnings, goods), pornography, casinos and other games of chance, cheating, prostitutes, hacks, spam, drugs, viruses, and SMS fraud.

Instagram Reviews from live users NOT BOTS 2019

$ 0.02
Additional information

Need to order:
- Specify the link to the post on Instagram where you want to add comments with your text.
- Your Instagram page must be open and have at least 1 or 2 photos.
- Select the desired number of comments.
- Choose a convenient payment method for you.
- After payment, enter the 16-digit code in the chat with the seller to confirm the order.

This service will not start until you send a 16-digit code to the chat with the seller.

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